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You want your organization to thrive. 

And you've come to understand that success hinges on your employees being the best they can be.

Our expert training and development programs make the impact that creates your desired outcomes.

DiSC Training Series

Individualized assessments and group training to increase self-awareness and personal/team effectiveness. 

Click here to learn more about the DiSC.  To learn more about the new Productive Conflict DiSC tool, click here.


Leadership Training Series

1.5 hour training sessions custom-designed to address challenges and meet desired business outcomes. 

Topics include:

  • Addressing issues in the workplace
  • Working more fully in the "zone of impact"
  • Engaging in "productive conflict" 
  • Leading from both the "balcony" and the "dance floor" 
  • Giving and receiving proactive feedback
  • Improving employee appreciation
  • Leveraging generational differences
  • Creating inclusive work environments



Full day training experiences delivered in an engaging format for maximum impact.  Staff retreats increase engagement, creativity, collaboration, and solutions-thinking.  Retreating from the demands of the workplace fosters a sense of "we are more than our daily task list" and promotes enthusiasm and commitment.

Client Thoughts 

Every year at the beginning of the year we hold a retreat for our executive team. This was our 9th year for our retreat. Each year we work on strategic planning for our organization and personal development for our team. We like to switch things up every year. This year, Erin and Mickey from Cressy Consulting ran a session for us. They decided on a “Why Discovery” session for my team. I wasn’t sure at first, it seemed pretty deep. WOW!!!! What an incredible session. My team has been transformed. Mickey and Erin guided my team through some eye-opening discoveries that allowed them to open their eyes to the possibilities within themselves. What I have been most impressed with is the long-lasting effects of this session. The transformations that took place that weekend have continued to evolve. Erin and Mickey are nothing short of remarkable. I cannot wait to see what they do for my team next year.