Our clients think we're pretty awesome too!

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" Leadership, for me has been a very illuminating experience. I really questioned whether or not i was really cut out for this position a Practice Manager, but after attending the Leadership course, I know I'm not only cut out for the position but I've learned valuable skills that will allow me to be the best version of myself in whatever position I may be in. Not only valuable for myself but for those around me.



Having these tools through Leadership Academy at my disposal provides me with a sense of being at peace and a confidence in myself that I don't feel  I had before.

- Vicki Hartzell, 2017 Leadership Academy Participant

The coaching I received from Cressy Consulting has been incredibly eye-opening!  Erin has helped me to dig down deep and discover a number of things about myself that have resulted in meaningful improvements to how and what I prioritize in my life.  I would recommend Cressy Consulting to anyone serious about taking charge of their life or seeking to elevate themselves! 
— Carrie Kosac, Vice President; SBA and Economic Development Manager, 1st Source Bank

Your coaching flipped a switch for me that allowed me to step into new opportunities with confidence and excitement. I received a promotion, increased my salary, love what I’m doing and feel empowered and equipped to move forward. Thank you, thank you!!
— Erin Kinzel, Director of Marketing and Communications, Bethel College
Cressy Consulting has been instrumental in the development of our leadership perpetuation strategy.  Their work designing and leading Gibson’s Leadership Academy is having a profound impact on our performance culture.  
— Jerry Scott, Chief Operating Officer/Principal, Gibson

We learned of Cressy Consulting through a highly respected company known for their leadership development. Cressy is helping our leaders learn more about themselves and those around them.  Now in our second year, a common language and shared understanding is emerging organically.  Those who have been through our Leadership Academy have stated their appreciation of the knowledge gained.  Future participants look forward to it with excited expectation. Cressy Consulting is guiding us into better leaders.
— Shery Roussarie, CEO, Allied Physicians of Michiana
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Strategic Planning with Cressy Consulting truly provided the most inspirational and connecting experiences we have had between our Board and Leadership Team.  Their guidance, support, and expertise have allowed us to plan for a strong, united future to continue "building strong families and healthy children" in the community.  Erin and Mickey are personable, genuine and amazing to work with! 

- Roxanne Ultz, Executive Dir., Family & Children's Center

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- Sandy Junk, 2016 Leadership Academy Graduate

 Every year at the beginning of the year we hold a retreat for our executive team. This was our 9th year for our retreat. Each year we work on strategic planning for our organization and personal development for our team. We like to switch things up every year. This year, Erin and Mickey from Cressy Consulting ran a session for us. They decided on a “Why Discovery” session for my team. I wasn’t sure at first, it seemed pretty deep. WOW!!!!  What an incredible session. My team has been transformed. Mickey and Erin guided my team through some eye-opening discoveries that allowed them to open their eyes to the possibilities within themselves. What I have been most impressed with is the long-lasting effects of this session. The transformations that took place that weekend have continued to evolve. Erin and Mickey are nothing short of remarkable. I cannot wait to see what they do for my team next year.