Mickey Hay, PhD

Mickey is passionate about leadership. In fact, she’s so passionate about leadership that she earned a PhD in leadership. Mickey’s doctoral program allowed her to apply everything she learned to her work at a community college in Michigan where she served for 22 years, starting out as an advisor and ending up a vice president of student support services.

Mickey has always devoted herself to helping others learn and develop. Her “why” is to constantly learn and develop herself so that she can facilitate a ripple effect of positive change in the world. Her “special sauce” includes being an exceptional listener. People who have been coached by Mickey often remark that they feel they can tell her anything, and it’s true; she is completely open and nonjudgmental, providing the safest of spaces to talk about challenges and triumphs.

Mickey teaches people that being their authentic selves is the only condition they need to meet to be successful and loved in the world. When not having an absolutely crazy fun time working with Erin, Mickey loves on her husband Mike and her dog and cats, Jasper the Wunderkind Shepherd, Baxter the cross-eyed Siamese, and little Epper.