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A leadership development program that integrates individual coaching with group training to achieve powerful outcomes in individual and organizational leadership.


Program Overview

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DiSC Workplace Profile

Participants complete an online profile that helps shape the leadership goals for the Academy.

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Supervisor Check-In 2

Meetings between participants, their coaches, and their direct supervisors occur at the beginning, midpoint, and end of the Academy.   These meetings facilitate stronger employee/supervisor relationships and ensure that the participants’ goals are aligned with organizational goals.

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Qualitative and quantitative assessments provide data that capture Academy outcomes.



Monthly Individual coaching sessions focus on the goals most relevant to each person, helping the participant gain confidence as an authentic leader. Our approach to coaching assumes the participant is naturally creative, resourceful and whole.  

Coaching is an excellent resource for leadership growth and development; the process is uniquely tailored to address the participant’s needs and potential.  



Group training content is delivered monthly and designed to meet the unique needs of each Leadership Academy cohort.


Understanding and applying the DiSC

Demonstrating authentic leadership behaviors

Managing conflict with ease and grace

Discovering one's personal "why" and vision for fulfilling that purpose

Leading from core values

Building trust in the workplace

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Participants experience
statistically significant
changes in leadership scores

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Leadership skills
Job performance
Confidence and self-awareness
Relationships with coworkers and supervisors
Communication skills
Clarity about personal mission and future vision
Flexibility and response to change Collaboration skills
Applying feedback and setting goals
Managing conflict Management skills

Client Thoughts

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The Leadership Academy played a key role in my successful transition to a new office. I gained important insight into my style as a leader and learned to recognize and value the styles of those around me. I am definitely a stronger leader as a result of my participation in the program.

- Sandy Junk, 2016 Leadership Academy Graduate

We learned of Cressy Consulting through a highly respected company known for their leadership development. Cressy is helping our leaders learn more about themselves and those around them. Now in our second year, a common language and shared understanding is emerging organically. Those who have been through our Leadership Academy have stated their appreciation of the knowledge gained. Future participants look forward to it with excited expectation. Cressy Consulting is guiding us into better leaders.