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You’re ready for growth but your organization lacks clarity and focus.  

We can help you grow by clarifying your organization's purpose and creating a strategy for fulfilling that purpose.


Finding Your "Why"

Organizations, teams, and individuals benefit from having a clarity of purpose.  Knowing and communicating what you believe helps you attract loyal employees, clients, customers, donors, and partners.

Knowing your "why" allows you to create clear branding, define and maintain your organizational culture, and make clear and efficient decisions.

Alignment in what you believe, how you behave, and what you do allows everything to become easier.

"Why" Discovery Sessions for organizations and teams require 4 hours; for individuals, 2 hours.

Creating a Strategic Playbook

Rather than a lengthy, three-year strategic plan that is challenging to stay committed to, an agile "strategic playbook" will get, and keep, everyone on the same page. 

Together, we will create a two-page document that everyone on the leadership team will keep on hand, reference often, and update as needed when goals are achieved.  

About the Strategic Playbook:

  • Includes one core goal with specific strategies that all members of the leadership team will prioritize.
  • Contains a "parking lot" with a list of other potential goals that will be moved up to the core goal spot.
  • Includes the "Why" and "Hows" of the organization as these are key pieces that guide decision-making.

The Strategic Playbook Session requires 4 hours and most often follows the "Why" Discovery Session.  


Client Thoughts

Strategic Planning with Cressy Consulting truly provided the most inspirational and connecting experiences we have had between our Board and Leadership Team.  Their guidance, support, and expertise have allowed us to plan for a strong, united future to continue "building strong families and healthy children" in the community.  Erin and Mickey are personable, genuine and amazing to work with!

- Roxanne Ultz, Executive Dir., Family & Children's Center

Cressy Consulting has been instrumental in the development of our leadership perpetuation strategy. Their work designing and leading Gibson’s Leadership Academy is having a profound impact on our performance culture.