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You’re ready for growth but your organization lacks clarity and focus.  

We can help you grow by clarifying your organization's purpose and core values.

How Cressy Consulting Can Help

Organizations, teams, and individuals benefit from having a clarity of purpose.  

Knowing and communicating what you believe helps you attract loyal employees, clients, customers, donors, and partners. Knowing your "why" allows you to create clear branding, define and maintain your organizational culture, and make clear and efficient decisions.

Alignment in what you believe, how you behave, and what you do allows everything to become easier. 

Finding Your "Why"

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Your WHY is your purpose or cause, it’s the very reason your organization exists.

Your HOW reflects your core values which drive behavior and set your organization apart from others.

Your WHAT includes the products or services you offer.


This is the purpose, cause, or belief that defines the work your team or department does.

Articulating the team Why gives people a sense of identity and belonging. It provides a clarity of purpose and helps the team understand their unique contribution to the larger vision.

Clarifying the team Why is a key piece to building a strong and successful team that all members are proud to be a part of.


Knowing your Why allows you to create a life of fulfillment - one that inspires you and allows you to feel connected to something bigger than yourself.

Your Why helps you understand what drives your behavior and allows you to be your natural best. Your Why is a tool that provides clarity, allowing you to make decisions and solve problems more efficiently and effectively.

By acting through the lens of your Why you can make the impact you want to make as a leader!

Client Thoughts

Working with Cressy Consulting truly provided the most inspirational and connecting experiences we have had between our Board and Leadership Team. Their guidance, support, and expertise have allowed us to plan for a strong, united future to continue "building strong families and healthy children" in the community. Erin and Mickey are personable, genuine and amazing to work with!

- Roxanne Ultz, Executive Dir., Family & Children's Center

Cressy Consulting has been instrumental in the development of our leadership perpetuation strategy. Their work designing and leading Gibson’s Leadership Academy is having a profound impact on our performance culture.