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about us

We are two highly educated (Ph.D. level) 
professionals who had careers working in higher education, both on faculty and in administration.   

We decided to create our own consulting firm so that we could extend our impact outside of higher ed.  We both live in South Bend with our families and pets, and we are well connected in the community.  

We understand what leadership is at a deep level and we know how to develop leaders in business, non-profits, health care, and education.   

Why we
do this work

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Erin Cressy

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Erin Cressy, PhD is all about inclusion. She loves to collaborate, make connections, and create environments where people and organizations can become the best versions of themselves. Erin holds a PhD in Social Psychology, and she uses her keen understanding of human behavior and motivation to create impactful learning experiences. She is a great networker and community volunteer, a founding board member of Girls on the Run Michiana and an Executive Committee member of the Board of Directors of Leadership South Bend/Mishawaka. Erin knows how to bring people together and create alignment. When she works with a group, they find greater synergy and excitement in being a team.

In addition to being the fabulous founder, CEO, and President of Cressy Consulting, Erin is also the Co-Founder of the Cressy Clan that includes her husband Jim and children, Ava, Max, and Jackson. Her love for physical activity keeps her busy with her kids’ various sports activities, and when not shuttling them to practices and games, Erin gets her own exercise walking her dog Ollie and practicing her swing on the tennis court.

Mickey Hay

Mickey Hay, PhD is passionate about leadership. In fact, she’s so passionate about leadership that she earned a PhD in leadership. Mickey’s doctoral program allowed her to apply everything she learned to her work at a community college in Michigan where she served for 22 years, starting out as an advisor and ending up a vice president of student support services.

Mickey has always devoted herself to helping others learn and develop. Her “why” is to constantly learn and develop herself so that she can facilitate a ripple effect of positive change in the world. Her “special sauce” includes being an exceptional listener. People who have been coached by Mickey often remark that they feel they can tell her anything, and it’s true; she is completely open and nonjudgmental, providing the safest of spaces to talk about challenges and triumphs.

Mickey teaches people that being their authentic selves is the only condition they need to meet to be successful and loved in the world. When not having an absolutely crazy fun time working with Erin, Mickey loves on her husband Mike and her dog and cats, Jasper the Wunderkind Shepherd, Baxter the cross-eyed Siamese, and little Epper.




Our clients think we're pretty awesome too!

The Leadership Academy played a key role in my successful transition to a new office.
I gained important insight into my style as a leader and learned to recognize and value the styles of those around me. I am definitely a stronger leader as a result of my participation in the program.

Sandy Junk, 2015 Leadership Academy Participant

Leadership, for me, has been a very illuminating experience.  I really questioned whether or not I was really cut out for this position as a Practice Manager, but after attending the Leadership course, I know I’m not only cut out for the position but I’ve  learned valuable skills that will allow me to be the best version of myself in whatever position I may be in. Not only valuable for myself but for those around me.

Having these tools through Leadership Academy at my disposal provides me with a sense of being at peace and a confidence in myself that I don’t feel I had before.

Vicki Hartzell, 2017 Leadership Academy Participant

Cressy Consulting has been instrumental in the development of our leadership perpetuation strategy.  Their work designing and leading Gibson's Leadership Academy is having a profound impact on our performance culture.  

Jerry Scott, Chief Operating Officer/Principal, Gibson

We learned of Cressy Consulting through a highly respected company known for their leadership development. Cressy is helping our leaders learn more about themselves and those around them.  Now in our second year, a common language and shared understanding is emerging organically.  Those who have been through our Leadership Academy have stated their appreciation of the knowledge gained.  Future participants look forward to it with excited expectation. Cressy Consulting is guiding us into better leaders.

Shery Roussarie, CEO, Allied Physicians of Michiana


Strategic Planning with Cressy Consulting truly provided the most inspirational and connecting experiences we have had between our Board and Leadership Team.  Their guidance, support, and expertise have allowed us to plan for a strong, united future to continue "building strong families and healthy children" in the community.  Erin and Mickey are personable, genuine and amazing to work with! 

Roxanne Ultz, Executive Dir., Family & Children's Center


The coaching I received from Cressy Consulting has been incredibly eye-opening!  Erin has helped me to dig down deep and discover a number of things about myself that have resulted in meaningful improvements to how and what I prioritize in my life.  I would recommend Cressy Consulting to anyone serious about taking charge of their life or seeking to elevate themselves! 

Carrie Kosac, Vice President; SBA and Economic Development Manager, 1st Source Bank

       Every year at the beginning of the year we hold a retreat for our executive team.  This was our 9th year for our retreat.  Each year we work on strategic                   planning for our organization and personal development for our team.  We like to switch things up every year.  This year Erin and Mickey from Cressy                       Consulting ran a session for us.  They decided on a “Why Discovery” session for my team.  I wasn’t sure at first, it seemed pretty deep.  WOW!!!!  What an               incredible session.  My team has been transformed.   Mickey and Erin guided my team through some eye- opening discoveries that allowed them to open their         eyes to the possibilities within themselves.     What I have been most impressed with is the long- lasting effects of this session.  The transformations that               took place that weekend have continued to evolve.  Erin and Mickey are nothing short of remarkable.   I cannot wait to see what they do for my team next year. 


Kim Becker, Founder of Hello Gorgeous! of Hope, Inc