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The mission of Cressy Consulting is to help organizations create a culture of inclusion that validates and inspires individual and organizational success.

How We Achieve Our Mission: 

At Cressy Consulting we provide professional development training services, organizational consulting, and individual coaching in order to affect positive change on the individual, group and organizational levels.  

Professional Development Training Seminars

Our professional development seminars  are offered in a variety of formats from one hour lunch-and-learn sessions to half- and full-day seminars or retreats.  These sessions are designed and led by M.A. & Ph.D. level facilitators and include an application phase to ensure program impact and clear links to return on investment (ROI).

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Organizational Consulting

Our consulting servies are designed to meet your specific organizational needs. We specialize in diversity and inclusion, employee engagement, leadership development and teambuilding.

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Leadership Coaching 

Professional coaching is a process for developing a collaborative relationship between coach and client with the goal of helping the client achieve professional success and personal fulfillment.  Our approach to coaching is based on the co-active model of coaching:  We will work with you as an equal partner to achieve your desired outcomes.  

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Whether organizations are looking to assess the impact of individual coaching or diagnose needed strategies for change we have the assessment tool that's right for  you.  We also utillize the skills of our highly trained M.A. and Ph.D. level consultants to analyze existing data within your organization.  A variety of measures gives a comprehensive view that allows for accurate decision-making and drives successful organizational change efforts.

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